• 3G/4G modem function
  • Router function for onboard IP network deployment
  • Automatically switches to a satellite link when 3G/4G coverage is not available
  • Includes an AIS/X function, which can be broadcast on board or exported ashore
  • Remote administration


Coastal IP Services Access Box

The BASIC box is an IP “box” dedicated to coastal maritime uses.

A veritable “Swiss army knife” of on-board communications, vessels equipped with the BASIC box have access to all the necessary communications functions: connection to earth, export of their position, or even monitoring of the AIS situation.

The case integrates:

  • a 4G/5G modem, which allows Internet access in the coastal zone covered by mobile phone operators,
  • a connection via a satellite link (not supplied with the box), when the vessel is out of range from land, with automatic switching between the two types of link,
  • a routing function, allowing the deployment of an on-board local network,

  • a WiFi function allowing in-car users to connect to the Internet from their smartphone or device.

Integrating an AIS/X, the box also enables the maritime situation to be broadcast on the onboard network and exported to land, using the 3G/4G or satellite link.

Finally, the BASIC box can be administered remotely.